Agency Spotlight: Jesus Love You Ministries... supplying more than just food

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“We are homeless though we are not hopeless”

This is a testimony shared by one of our partner agency’s clients.  Located in Port Charlotte, Jesus Loves You Ministry feeds hope as well as hungry bellies.
The Ministry has a mobile outreach pantry that serves homeless individuals living in the woods, in their cars or under bridges.  Their clients are from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds.  In addition to offering hot meals and groceries, they provide transportation to medical and mental health appointments, showers, clothing, case management services and assistance with obtaining identification and employment.

As you can imagine, the challenges facing the homeless can be overwhelming.  Recently, a friend of the ministry met Jim, a homeless disabled veteran, who was sleeping in the woods.  For immediate assistance the Ministry provided him a tent, clothing, food and a shower.

This helped Jim with some temporary relief, but Jesus Loves You Ministry went further. Jim had started the process of obtaining a VA Housing Voucher on his own; however, since he was displaced, he had no address to receive his mail. Jesus Loves You Ministry worked in collaboration with outside agencies to provide a continuum of care. Now, Jim is living in a shelter and working with a case worker to secure permanent housing.
How can you help this partner agency?

  • When you make a financial donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, request that the funds be used as a grant for the Jesus Loves You Ministry.

  • Donate items directly to the Ministry.  Items they almost always need are tents, bottled water, bug repellent, white socks and first aid kits.  You can also      contact them by email to find out their most current needs.

by Carolyn Jones, Partner Relations Manager

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