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Our thanks to Barbara Steinhoff, communications director for WGCU Public Radio and a WGCU member, who gives us a Q&A on the "what, when, where and why" of the Feed Public Radio...Feed A Family membership drive.

What exactly is Feed Public Radio…Feed A Family? 

Fans of public radio know that our largest source of funding is listeners. The listeners who become members pay for the news, information and entertainment programs such as Morning Edition, The Diane Rehm Show, Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me and This American Life. 

Because we are “public” radio we cannot have joint fundraisers. In other words, we can’t ask listeners to make a contribution to WGCU and then share their donation with another nonprofit. But, as members of the community we know the needs are great, especially when it comes to our neighbors and friends who don’t have enough to eat.  

Seven years ago, WGCU met with the Harry Chapin Food Bank and came up with a way to help raise awareness of the need to feed families in Southwest Florida, while raising funds to pay for the great programming available from WGCU radio. Then Walmart stepped up, and said all Southwest Florida stores would match by 10 percent all the money raised for WGCU, and give the matching money to the Food Bank-- thus Feed Public Radio…Feed a Family was born. 

It was a simple idea (modeled after a similar public radio initiative in the Northeast) that allowed WGCU to raise the funds it needs to pay its programming bill, while raising awareness for the mission of the Harry Chapin Food Bank, and, thanks to the Walmart Foundation, raising funds to feed families. 

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How does the food bank benefit from this WGCU membership drive?

Since its inception, Feed Public Radio….Feed A Family has netted more than $99,000 for the Food Bank. We have two groups to thank for collaborative success: The listeners of WGCU who believe in public radio and in helping families in Southwest Florida; and the Walmart Foundation, which continues their great tradition of helping families in need and values the role that public broadcasting has in a healthy community. Now, with your pledge of support, the Walmart Foundation will match your pledge by 20 percent and send a check to the Harry Chapin Food Bank.

When is it held? 

WGCU radio historically raises funds every fall to help pay its programming bill. For the past seven years we have teamed up with the Harry Chapin food Bank and the Walmart Foundation. This year the Feed Public Radio…Family A Family campaign is being held in December. As all of us celebrate the holidays, it’s a good idea to remember those who are less fortunate then we are.

Why should I participate? 

If you listen to 90.1/91.7 FM or our HD radio channels Xponential or Classical music, we ask you to help pay for the programs and the music you love. Our Feed Public Radio….Feed A Family campaign allows your donation to do double duty. Your pledge of support will help WGCU pay its radio programming bill, and the Walmart Foundation will match by 20 percent your pledge to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank. This collaborative initiative that brings together WGCU, the Harry Chapin Food Bank and the Walmart Foundation is a celebration of the passion we all have for Southwest Florida and our neighbors and friends.

How do I participate? 

Just go to wgcu.org or call 800-533-9428 and pledge your support to WGCU. Your pledge will be matched by 20 percent by the Walmart Foundation to feed families in Southwest Florida.

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