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Harry Chapin Food Bank partners with more than 150 partner agencies within five counties throughout Southwest Florida to serve about 30,000 people per month. To help end the war on hunger, Harry Chapin Food Bank is looking to partner with nonprofit agencies that want to join us in this battle.  In order to be considered for partnership, there are key eligibility requirements that must be met:

Nonprofit agencies

Your charity is considered 501c3 as specified by the IRS, or affiliated with a church group with a group ruling. Examples of eligible programs are: Homeless programs, soup kitchens, group homes, churches, and after-school programs serving low- income households.

Board of Governance

Must have an active list of board members or board of trustees in place.

Public Notification

The agency must post a sign that indicates both the presence of the food program and the days and hours of operation. This sign must be clearly visible to the public. In addition to the sign, you must have a process in place to inform the public that a feeding program is operating at your site, perhaps by performing community outreach, listing your program on 211 or speaking at local charity events. Agencies that serve only specific populations, such as clients living with HIV/AIDS, are exempt from this requirement.  


Your food distribution site must be zoned commercial and non-residential. Operating from your home is not allowed. 

Food Source

Having more than one food source allows for your program to receive a variety and constant flow of food. 

Food Storage

Does your agency have a food storage facility to store food safely and at the proper temperatures?  Food must be stored at least six inches off the floor, walls and ceiling to allow for ventilation, cleaning and tracking rodent activity. Non-foods such as paper and cleaning products should be stored separately from food items. Do you have adequate refrigeration if you are planning on ordering these items? Units should be large enough to ensure proper air circulation and stock rotation. 

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Food Safety Certified

Are you willing to be trained in proper food storage and distribution techniques? Food safety is of the utmost importance. The person overseeing the program operations is typically the one that should secure the certificate. This certificate must be obtained before partnership is granted.

Pest Control 

To ensure food is kept safe, you must have a pest control plan and current contract with a licensed professional exterminator. 

If you are interested in partnership, feel free to contact Carolyn Jones agency relations manager, from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  Monday-Friday at 239-334-7007 ext. 129. 

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