Hunger Walk Reaches Goal of $315,000!

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Harry Chapin once said: “To Know is to Care, To Care is to Act, To Act is to Make a Difference.”

On Saturday the Southwest Florida community came together and brought this quote to life.

To Know is to Care”  – Our community knows hunger is still an issue for too many of our residents.  Although many are back to work, they are making less than they did before the recession, sometimes working multiple jobs just to try to keep up.  More than 30,000 southwest Floridians receive food assistance each month and 40% of these are children. Our community members have experienced this personally or have family, friends or neighbors who have.  Our community cares that these people and families are struggling.

To Care is to Act”  – And our community acts! They are helping their neighbors.  The Harry Chapin Food Bank has over 150 partner agencies that are working every day to help provide food for their clients.  The community acts by partnering with the food bank to distribute 18.7 million pounds of food in the last fiscal year.  They act by donating their time, energy and their money through opportunities like the Hunger Walk.  They put their care into action.

To Act is to Make a Difference” – Everyone’s acts made a difference by participating, donating and supporting the Hunger Walk.  Individuals, teams, families, clubs and businesses came together to sponsor and donate to the Walk.  The food bank can provide $6 worth of food for every $1 it receives.  The $315,000 raised at the Walk will provide $1.89 million worth of food to our neighbors in need.  This will make a difference to so many in our community.

The Walk is a community-wide event.  We are very grateful to all of our many sponsors and participants for their generous donations.  We are very grateful to everyone who came on Saturday to show we are serious about fighting hunger and feeding hope in Southwest Florida.

Our community cares; our community acts; our community makes a difference!

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Marta Hodson

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