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How can you help?

Everybody asks me, where do you find grants? First, the mind of a grant writer is never at rest. Every day, every minute is an opportunity to look for a grant opportunity. Stop for gas at 7/11…. Get back to the desk, research if 7/11 has a charitable foundation and are we eligible. See a commercial on TV, check on to see if they have a foundation and what causes are supported.


(When Walmart employees volunteer at the food bank, they provide both critical hands-on support and Walmart provides grant money)

Volunteers are a wonderful resource for grants. Did you know many of the companies sponsor grants for employees who volunteer and retirees who volunteer? If you do not know if your current employer or your past employer sponsors grants for volunteerism, we can explore that for you. Maybe you belong to a club, an association, a church or professional group that provides grants to non-profits, we can explore that also. We have such a wealth of volunteer experience at the food bank and maybe a wealth of grants out there yet to be discovered!

(Bank of America is another company that participates in a "dollars for doers" program)

To contact me, Monica, the grant manager, call 239-334-7007, ext. 107 or email or stop by the grant department’s cubical to say hello!

Special thank you to volunteer Janet Marderness for her expertise in proof-reading the grants. Janet’s years as a professor, lends for excellence in proofing the grants, catching mistakes and making suggestions for improvements. Yes, she still uses a red pen …… but she does not give me a grade! Thank you, Janet, for saving me from some embarrassing spelling mistakes and for bringing your time and talent to the food bank every week.

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