Taking Some Giant Steps to Fight Hunger

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It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood for the WINK News Feeds Families Hunger Walk, and you made it happen! Thanks to the community's support, we raised more than $290,000 to fight hunger in Southwest Florida.

"You are part of the solution," Lois Thome, WINK News anchor, told the crowd. "All the money stays right here." Of every dollar donated, 97 cents goes to food bank programs, she added.

They came by ones and twos and teams, groups of schoolchildren carrying banners, kids (and some dogs) in strollers, wearing baseball caps and viking helmets, walking Fido on a leash, or bearing signs that showed their commitment to the cause.

HCFB HungerWalk3vikings

Anne Paniagua, 98, brought her walker and kept up the pace with the rest of the crowd to finish the nearly two-mile trek. "This is my first walk I ever did and this isn't going to be the last," she said, smiling.

HCFB HungerWalk98lady

Nancy Michals stood with her husband, William, holding a sign that read "Don't let Mama hear your tummy, makes her cry," in reference who children who don't have enough to eat. William said he bought an old van and loads it up at the Harry Chapin Food Bank each week to deliver to St. Vincent de Paul, a food bank partner agency. 

 HCFB HungerWalkMichalscouple

Nancy Burnham and Mary Pfister of Tice Methodist Church carried signs that read "Feed the sheep," in reference to those in God's flock who are hungry. "I've been feeding the sheep since Hurricane Charley," Burnham said. "It's my passion."

Thanks to all who exercised their passion to fight hunger at the 2016 Walk.

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