The Dock of the Food Bank

Hello, my name is Sam Kelly and I am the Social Media and Online Services Coordinator here at the Harry Chapin Food Bank. One privilege I have in my role is photographing the happenings of the food bank – from daily happenings to major events and everything in between.

Daily we distribute approximately 50,000 pounds of food to our partner agencies. Through our various partner agencies of emergency shelters, relief agencies and other nonprofit organizations we serve our 30,000+ clients a month. That means every day we are helping nearly 1,000 of our neighbors in need. And to each one of them it makes a difference.

I’ve met so many remarkable people who aid us in our mission, especially out on our loading dock. On our dock we have great volunteers and warehouse personnel drop off donations from our retail program so those donations can be distributed through the partner agencies. We have more volunteers help us run the Wake Up America program that gets fresh bread and pastry goods out to our community. Our volunteers are a great help in getting food donations ready for distribution. 

We also have the famous “Door 7.” Throughout the day staff will hear "Donation Door 7" over our PA system as donations come in to be weighed. It’s truly a blessing to help people unload their donations and witness to their generosity. We also have farmers who, with the help of the Florida Association of Food Banks, bring us fresh produce. Getting fresh produce to our clients is a priority here at the food bank.

Inspired by what I witness daily on our loading dock, I’ve written a little tune for you, based off of Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay” retitled “(Standing on) The Dock of The Food Bank”

Standing in the morning sun
I’ll be standing when the agencies come
Watching the empty trucks roll in
Then I watch them roll away with food again

I’m standing on the dock of the food bank
Watching the food go out, ooh
I’m just observing the dock of the food bank
Wasting nothing

I left my home in Philly
Headed for Marco Island
Cause we’ve got everything to live for
And looks like a change is coming our way

I’m standing on the dock of the food bank
Watching the food go out, ooh
I’m just observing the dock of the food bank
Wasting nothing

Looks like we can make the change
Everyone together, as the same
We can do it by Feeding America
So things won’t remain the same

We are the Harry Chapin Food Bank and we are Fighting Hunger, Feeding Hope!

Join us today by donating, advocating and volunteering!

Sam Kelly with event supporter

Sam Kelly (above in purple)
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